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 2013 Vernal Pool Guided Tours 
Jepson Prairie Preserve
-- Solano County
Mather Field -- Sacramento County
Rancho Seco Howard Ranch -- Sacramento County
Santa Rosa Plateau -- Riverside County
Vina Plains Preserve -- Tehama County
North Table Mountain - Butte County

New Species Status Report Available

Status Surveys for Seven Federally Listed Vernal Pool Grasses and
Chamaesyce hooveri
in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
(Great Valley), California, USA
. (23 MB PDF)
Carol W. Witham.
Report prepared for USFWS under a
CVPIA/HRP grant; report dated March 25, 2013.
GIS & Data Files. (ZIP, 677 kb)

Vernal pool in western Tehama County. Photo by Carol Witham

Sauntering in any direction, my feet would brush about a 
hundred flowers with every step... as if I were wading in liquid gold

-- John Muir describing the Central Valley of California in the spring of 1868

New Vernal Pool Mapping Reports Available

2005 Great Valley Vernal Pool Map, Plus Merced, Placer
and Sacramento County Losses 2005-2010. (PDF, 7.0 MB)
C.W. Witham, R.F. Holland, and J.E. Vollmar.
Report prepared for USFWS under a CVPIA/HRP grant;
report dated January 31, 2013. GIS Data. (ZIP, 3.4 MB)

Predictive Habitat Analysis and Mapping of Four Rare Vernal Pool
Species in Merced, Sacramento and Placer Counties. (PDF, 42.2 MB)
J.E. Vollmar, R.F. Holland, C.W. Witham, and J.H. Schweitzer.
Report prepared for USFWS under a CVPIA/HRP grant;
report dated January 31, 2013. GIS Data. (ZIP, 124.6 MB)

Jepson Prairie Preserve Handbook
3rd Edition

Carol W. Witham and Kate Mawdsley, Editors
2012 Jepson Prairie Preserve Docent Program

A delightful reference and field guide to a regionally treasured vernal pool preserve in Solano County. Text covers geographic setting, history and numerous in-depth species and habitat stories. This compact reference contains a photo field guide to the common plants, amphibians and reptiles, birds and mammals, plus an illustrated guide to the common vernal pool invertebrates. 80 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, spiral bound, with 234 color photographs, 3 maps, 24 illustrations, and an index.

Available online from the CNPS bookstore.

Howard Ranch preseason tour, March 15, 2008. Photo by Slow.

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